Ace Trainer Coverage of the 2013 World Championships

Ace Trainer Coverage of the 2013 World Championships

Following on from the huge success of our coverage of USA Nationals, Ace Trainer will be covering the 2013 World Championships this weekend! This is the culmination of the entire year, where the best pokemon trainers from around the world compete for the ultimate prize. This year Australia has strong presence at World’s and we will be cheering them on to victory. But for those who can’t make it to the event, in Australia or around the world, we’ve got you covered with round-the-clock coverage of the event planned!


Our special news portal page has a number of great features to improve your world’s coverage this weekend. Front and centre the page features the official event live stream being run by Pokemon in conjunction with commentators from the Top Cut. Below this you’ll find the latest news coming out of the event on twitter alongside a chat box for you to discuss the event with others watching. Below this you’ll find Top Cut brackets, which we will be updating as the event goes on. Finally will be our selected coverage of the event as it happens, the perfect tool for catching up on how the event has been going!

Check it out now here!

Huge shoutouts to Shanan Kan and Bodhi Cutler who will be coordinating our coverage page over the weekend. But our coverage doesn’t stop there! With Australian players at worlds we’ll be bringing you news from the source throughout the weekend. So there is lots to be excited about!

We also want to wish a huge amount of luck and support to all the Australian competitors competing and representing their country this weekend! Below is our list of known competitors, hopefully we didn’t miss any!

Australians Competing

Pokemon TCG Masters Pokemon TCG Seniors Pokemon VGC
  • Kerwin Lee
  • Michael Kan
  • Shane Quinn
  • Jennifer Wilson
  • Marcus Raj
  • Jon Blair
  • Anthony Smith
  • Kaiwen Kuan
  • Emily Kan
  • Jordan Palmer
  • Brent Tonisson
  • Naomi Murn
  • Perri Deane
  • Daniel Hummer
  • Christopher Kan
  • Ben Kilby
  • Hugh Ronzani
  • Michael Zirnsak
  • Brent Tonisson
  • Nick Kan
  • Jordan Bradley


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