About Us

About Us

Who are we?

Bodhi Cutler (pictured right) is the remaining staff member left from the original team and general manager of Ace Trainer Australia.

Daniel Collins (pictured) joins the team as creative director and content creation manager.
















Ace Trainer Started in 2011/2012 with this website and our Facebook Page as a way to collate the results of Australian Pokemon TCG tournaments and results. From these humble beginnings, Myles O’Neill, Bodhi Cutler, Anthony Smith and Shannan Kan started this website to create Pokemon TCG content.

As three of our founding staff members have moved on to create in different areas of life, Bodhi has remained as the sole business owner and stakeholder in Ace Trainer. From Bodhi’s sole ownership position, he employed the help and trust of Daniel Collins who joins the team as the head of content for the company. Daniel will oversee the content creation team, social media, Twitch.tv integration and many more areas that are infinitely valuable for our organisation.  Bodhi has taken over as a general manager, whose main goal is to work with sponsors and the playing team to facilitate their success across the world.

Our player’s team HERE are four professional players from the Oceanic region who have developed sensational skills over a number of years at the highest level. With this team, our goal is to travel the world to major events and participate in as many international events as possible to work towards total (Pokemon) World Domination!

Our content creation team HERE are a mix of six Australian and New Zealand players and writers who have demonstrated an excellence in understanding the game at a deeper level and the desire to share this knowledge with the rest of the world. As a result, each content creator is a major part of the family and are incredibly important to our growth.

Our Mission Statement

Ace Trainer Australia is committed to the growth and improvement of online content and content surrounding the Pokemon Trading Card Game. With the help of our players, content creators, and staff all across the Oceanic region, we hope to provide competitive content and compelling content for years to come.

Ace Trainer Australia is run by Australian Pokemon players for Australian Pokemon players. Anyone can join and contribute, the more the merrier!

The site was created and is run by Myles O’Neill & Bodhi Cutler, with special thanks to Shanan Kan and Anthony Smith who helped to create what you see today.