Special Coverage of USA Nationals 2013

Special Coverage of USA Nationals 2013

We are pleased to announce that Ace Trainer Australia will be providing special coverage of the 2013 PTCG USA National Championships over the next few days.


USA Nationals is the world’s largest Pokemon TCG tournament, regularly reaching numbers as high as 1000 attendees!

We have set up a special news portal where you can see an aggregation of everything posted online about US Nationals. While there is unfortunately no live-stream for the event, we’ll be bringing you the best the internet has to offer with our live twitter stream and curated news stream.

You can also join in on the conversation on our live chat page to discuss the event with onlookers around the world! Head over there now to vote in our poll for which deck will take it all!

Check it out now here: http://www.acetrainerau.com/live/usa-national-championships-2013/


The event begins in roughly 7 hours, at approximately midnight AEST.

Let us know if you like this type of coverage and we’ll be sure to give you more of it!


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