“Let’s Do The Rain Dance” – 1st Place Adelaide Regional Championship Report

“Let’s Do The Rain Dance” – 1st Place Adelaide Regional Championship Report

Hello Everybody! My name is Christian Delloiaco and for those of you who don’t know I am Master from Victoria, Australia.
I started playing the Pokemon TCG about 2 years ago now and I’ve been taking the game pretty seriously for almost a year. I feel like I ended last season reasonably well finishing in the top 16 at the Victorian Regional Championships as well as finishing in the top 32 at Nationals. I also won a Battle Road towards the end of the year in Dandenong with Blastoise. For my first season I was pretty pleased with how I was shaping up as a player. After Nationals last year I decided that this year would be my year, I would go all out and try my best to earn myself an Invitation to the World Championships.

This is how my season has shaped up so far –

Adelaide City Championship 1

Deck used – Blastoise
Swiss results – 3-2-0
Final placing – 11th
Points earned – 0

ScizorDec. WIN
Big Basics with Garbodor. LOSS
VirGen. WIN
Blastoise. WIN
Blastoise. LOSS

Adelaide City Championship 2

Deck used – Blastoise
Swiss results – 3-1-1
Final placing – 6th
Points earned – 0

Big Basics with Garbodor. WIN
Blastoise. WIN
Yeti. LOSS
Kyurem/Suicune/Dusknoir. WIN
Blastoise. TIE (ID)

T8 Blastoise. LOSS

Dandenong City Championship

Deck used – Darkrai/Garbodor
Swiss results – 2-2-1
Final placing – 13th
Points earned – 0

Darkrai/Garbodor – WIN
Ninetails – LOSS
Rayboar – TIE
Darkrai/Garbodor – WIN
Darkrai – LOSS

Melbourne City Championship

Deck used – Accelgor/Mew/Trevenant
Swiss results – 4-1-1
Final placing – 2nd
Points earned – 40

Virizion/Mega Venasuar – WIN
Fairy Box. WIN
VirGen. LOSS
Plasma. WIN
RayBoar. WIN
Darkrai. TIE (ID)

T8 Rayboar. WIN
T4 Rayboar. WIN
T2 Blastoise. LOSS

Geelong City Championships

Deck used – Blastoise
Swiss results – 4-2-0
Final placing – 8th
Points earned – 20

Darkrai/Yveltal. WIN
Darkrai/Yveltal. WIN
Darkrai/Yveltal/Boufflant. LOSS
Yeti. WIN
Blastoise. LOSS
Speed Lugia. WIN

T8 Darkrai/Garbodor. LOSS

After 5 City Championships I had earned 60CP with a total record of 14-8-3 during swiss rounds. I knew I had to step things up for Regionals.

I decided on the morning of the Adelaide Regoinal Championship that I would play Blastoise. Here is the list I played.

4 Blastoise
4 Squirtle
3 Keldeo EX
2 Black Kyurem EX
1 Black Kyurem
1 Jirachi EX

3 Tropical Beach
4 Skyla
3 N
3 Juniper
2 Colress

1 Dowsing Machine

4 Ultra Ball
4 Rare Candy
4 Superior Energy Retrieval
3 Tool Scrapper
2 Professors Letter

2 Lighting Energy
10 Water Energy

Round 1 – Fairy Box – Shanon (WA)

This was the first time I had met Shanon and he was one of the nicest guys I had met in the Pokemon community. This turned out to be one of my favourite games of the tournament and it really set the tone for the rest of the day. Game 1 was incredibly close. Shanon targeted down my Blastoise with red signal which was a real pain. Not to mention Suicune trying to ruin my day. This is where baby Black Kyurem shines, hitting the magic 100 damage is perfect for eating up Suicune. I end up taking out the first game but only just. Game 2 didn’t go so well for Shanon, a Colress for 3 turn 1 and he never quite recovered from there. I never drop Beach and by the time he draws a supporter it is too late. Well played Shanon.

Round 2 – Mewtwo/Reshiram/Emboar/Delphox – Michelle (SA)

Another person I had never played! Brilliant! Michelle was playing Rayboar with Mewtwo EX instead of Rayquaza EX. This game was a pretty quick one, my deck was much stronger than my opponents and it showed as I comfortably won 2-0

Round 3 – Darkrai/Yvetal/Absol/Garbodor – Jennifer (VIC)

Jennifer and I had played many times before in tournaments. I believe this was our 5th or 6th time meeting in Premier events and I had never beaten her. I’ve put it down to 2 things, 1 being that Jennifer has in recent times played decks that have traditionally done very well against mine. I have been playing Blastoise for a while and Jennifer has been playing Klinklang and now Darkrai/Garbodor. The second reason being that Jennifer is a more experienced and more skilful player than myself. Putting all of that aside, this game was actually really close. Jennifer and I played again later on so some of the details are a bit muffled however I will try my best. Now here is the thing. My dilemma with Blastoise, ever since Nationals has been whether to play Tool Scrapper or not.

Here is how it has gone down lately –

Nationals – played 0 scrapper. Played against one Garbodor deck and won. Catcher OP.
Adelaide CC – Played 0 scrapper. Played against one Garbodor deck and it ruined my day.
Adelaide CC2. Played 2 Scrapepr and Dowsing. Played against one Garbodor deck and won.
Geelong CC. Played 2 Scrapper and Dowsing. Played against 1 Garbodor deck and lost to it in top cut.

After losing in Geelong to Jordan Palmer I decided that 2 Tool Scrapper wasn’t a good idea. I felt it didn’t give you a good enough chance to beat Garbodor to justify the two spots. I decided it was either 3 scrapper or none at all. In testing before the tournament I felt with 3 scrapper I was the favourite to beat Garbodor. The morning of the tournament after having a look around I decided that 3 was the play for the day.

In saying all of that, I lost. Jen beat me on the last turn of time to win 2-1. She beat me pretty convincingly game 1 as I drew real garbage. The tables were turned in game 2 where Jen is left to draw poorly as I luckily steal the win. I was pretty convinced this match would end in a tie but Jen played a really good game 3 and deserved the win. GG Jennifer.

Round 4 – Virizion/Genesect – Marcel (SA)

I first met Marcel earlier on in the year when I travelled over to Adelaide for their Cities and he was a really cool guy so I was excited to play him. I get to go first and on my second turn I get 8 energy into play and Marcel just scoops straight away. If only all of my games were that easy. Game 2 was interesting, I forgot to rush in on turn 1 which was a massive misplay. Let me also say that my hand was incredible. Candy, Blastoise, Letters, Juniper. You get the picture? Anyway, it was no good now, I had no Squirtle in play. I get 2 Squirtle into play on turn 2, get the turn 3 Blastoise and end up winning what ended up being a pretty close game 2. It got to a stage where whoever took the next KO would win (I believe) after Marcel kills my only Blastoise in play. I had very few cards in deck at this stage but I know exactly what’s left. I use a Colress drawing my entire deck which included a Rare Candy, Blastoise and Superior Energy Retrieval. GG Marcel.

Round 5 – Virizion/Genesect – Alexander (WA)

I don’t remember very much from this match, So i apologise in advance. I was very nervous because I knew a win almost guaranteed me making top cut. I remember I went first and won game 1 no dramas.I open lone squirtle game 2 and have no way of getting a basic out so I lose game 2 on turn 2. I then proceed to take out the third game in pretty straight forward fashion to beat Alexander 2-1.

Round 6 -Plasma – Marcus (VIC)

A draw saw Marcus and I both make it through to the top cut so that is exactly what we did.

I finish on 4-1-1 in six seed going in to top 8.

Top 8 – Darkrai/Garbodor – Jennifer (VIC)

Here we go again. When I see I’m playing Jen I couldn’t believe it. Before our match I have a quick discussion with my good friend Jordan Palmer and I come up with a game plan. I made full use of my tool scrappers in this match and really exploded when I needed to. Everything went really well, I was able to draw the right things at the right time and the 3 Tool Scrapper plus Dowsing turned out to be too much for Jen’s deck to handle. I’m able to walk away with probably my most satisfying win ever.

Top 4 – Darkrai/Yvetal/Boufflant – Christopher (VIC)

Christopher is a good friend of mine and I respect him as a player a whole heap. Even though Christopher had beaten me very convincingly a fortnight ago in Geelong using the same decks, I was feeling pretty confident. I remember this match being very close. One turn Chris miscalculates an Evil Ball and falls 10 damage short which was enough of an error to give me the win. Just one small mistake like that is more than enough to lose you the game so deep in a tournament. In the next game Christopher’s deck didn’t seem to give him much luck and I am able to run away with the win.

Top 2 – Fairy Box – Andrew (WA)

I had played Andrew once before at Nationals last year. We were both 5-0 and Andrew was good enough to beat me in time of game 3. He wasn’t so lucky this time. If my sets up, I’m going to win this match up nine times out of ten. Andrews deck utilised the Palkia EX/Suicune combo but that’s no problem for me, both Blastoise and Black Kyurem can easily one hit a Suicune. For most of the match Andrew chooses to Strafe for 50 damage which is not enough when my deck can easily deal one hits. My deck proves too strong and I am crowned the Adelaide Regional Champion.

I couldn’t believe I had won, I was feeling on top of the world. I was so glad my decision to go with 3 Tool Scrapper had paid off.

I’ll talk a little bit about my deck and just Blastoise in general.

4-0-4 is the way to go in regards to the Blastoise line. I played Wartorle in Geelong in fear of Trevenant and it was almost always useless. A card like Professors letter is much more useful than a Wartotrle, believe me. Four Squirtle all day every day you would be crazy not to. You absolutely 100 percent need a squirtle on your field on turn 1 so running 4 is a great way to ensure that. I think if you don’t play 4 Blastoise in your Blastoise deck, you’re not doing it right. Obviously running 4 gives you better odds to hit it turn 2 which is the number one goal of the deck. Some people like to play three Blastoise and one Heavy Ball however I don’t like the idea. What happens when you have 2 Blastoise prized and the opponent kills your other Blastoise? I bet you wish that Heavy Ball was a Blastoise. Or what happens when you only have 1 Blastoise prized but you’re forced to discard a Blastoise early game and then the opponent kills your Blastoise. Yes yes I know this all sounds very situational,but I am telling you, 4 Blastoise is the right play.

I normally play 3 Kyurem EX and 2 Keldeo but I decided to go for the third Keldeo instead in fear of Accelgor. I think it’s fine either way. I play the baby Black Kyurem for obvious reasons – It beats Safeguard and it helps against RayBoar and in the mirror.

Jirachi. Oh Jirachi. Wow. I have loved the card for a while and I had decided after Geelong cities that it was my favourite card in the format. I cannot tell you how much work this card does. If you are not playing Jirachi in your Blastoise deck, you are missing out. I’m going to leave it at that. My supporter line is pretty standard. I have used the exact same line all season, It does the job for me. Sometimes I feel like changing the second Colress into a fourth Juniper .. But then I remember how amazing Colress is after turn 2/3, The amount of time I Colress for 8/9/10 cards is unreal. I would even often find myself getting back a Colress with Dowsing Machine it’s that good late game. Obviously it sucks on turn 1 so I don’t think I could play more than 2.

The items are pretty standard. 4 Ultra Ball, SER and Rare Candy because they are really important. 2 Professors letter was amazing, the card is really nice. 3 Scrapper to beat Garbodor as previously mentioned. I feel Dowsing Machine is the best Ace Spec for this list. The energy is also pretty standard – I really like the 10 Water Energy.

That’s about it boys and girls! I’m currently sitting on 210/300 Championship Points which means one Top 4 finish at a large event will seal the deal. Wish me luck in Launceston this weekend.

Huge shout out to all my friends at Ace Trainer, my team mates, and all of the Werribee GUF crew. Special thanks to Brendan Vagg, my Blastoise Buddy.

Thanks so much for reading! See you next time.

Christian Delloiaco
Number 1!


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