About Us

About Us

Who Are We

Ace Trainer Australia is run by Australian Pokemon players for Australian Pokemon players. Anyone can join and contribute, the more the merrier!

The site was created and is run by Myles O’Neill with the help of Bodhi Cutler, Shanan Kan, and Anthony Smith.

Contact Us

Ace Trainer can be contacted online at Acetraineraust@gmail.com Feel free to contact us for any reason. If you’d like to contribute to the site and get involved, check out our contribute page.

Our Mission

The mission of Ace Trainer is to grow Pokemon TCG around the world, and particularly in Australia. Growth means more players, bigger and better events, and greater engagement with the game. We view Pokemon TCG as one of many emerging eSports. Card games are late to the eSport tables, but are fast growing. We treat PTCG like the serious competition it is – setting a standard for excellent writing, streaming, and event coverage in Australia.

Short Term Goals

Our first goal with this site is to bring together all of the great PTCG content created by Australians. From articles, to tournament reports, to streams and videos – we want to highlight what is out there and encourage players to produce more. Acting as a central hub we encourage people to make content as they can be confident it will be appreciated by their peers. Most PTCG content on the web is USA centric, by focussing on Australia we are able to cater to the specifics relevant to us.

Our second short term goal is more ambitious, but still firmly achievable. Our goal is to provide comprehensive tournament results from each official competitive PTCG event in Australia, from Battle Roads to Nationals. This includes top cut brackets, final standings, player origins, and importantly deck distribution. We want to be a simple and easy source for players in Australia and abroad to examine the Australian metagame and to view tournament results without hassle.

Long Term Goals

As we go forward with our short term goals we are already planning even bigger things. We’d like to slowly transition into more regular content from authors, including regular streaming shows alongside article columns. Tournament coverage can also be improved to including live tweeting match results, filming games, streaming games, and interviewing players. Finally we’d love to improve the PTCG scene in Australia with our own unofficial events, adding even more exciting action for people to watch and read about. These are our dreams, some more achievable than others – but with your help we can get there.